Food Philosophy

"When Lilly Kate was diagnosed with severe food allergies I began reading labels."

As I carefully researched each ingredient to determine its safety, I started to realize my family wasn't eating as well as I thought. What began as an exercise of love intended to keep Lilly Kate safe became a journey of health for my entire family. As we changed the way we ate, we noticed a reduction in our illnesses and trips to the doctor's offices. We are still navigating this journey, but as we walk and grow I realize the truth in Socrates' simple statement.

Our children are the benchmark and inspiration for what we do.  We serve what we eat.  We want each of our customers and employees to be a part of our family.  We want to offer a place where they find the tools to help them navigate their own journey of eating to live. Our journeys will not be the same – we are, after all, uniquely created.  Whether your diet is restricted for health, allergies, or personal values – we strive to serve great options.

"Wise men eat and drink that they may live." – Socrates

We want our customers to make safe food choices. We encourage you to ask us questions, read our labels, look at the allergen statements from our suppliers, and challenge us. You are the best decision maker for you and your family.

If you have a specific question regarding our products or processing, please contact us.  We value feedback from our customers.  If there is something you want but can't get anywhere else because of your diet – let us know.  We love the challenge of creating new food options.  

Warm regards, Catherine and Jason Sackett

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