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LKOK Kitchen

Some of the important things you wont see are:

Just as important as what DO you see is what you DON’T see.

Airborne contaminants: The ventilation system in our dedicated kitchen is set up similar to a hospital room. They aim to keep germs from spreading – we aim to keep contaminants out. Different goals but the same application. The LKOK Kitchen a positive pressure room, and the rooms surrounding it are negative pressure. This helps create a vacuum effect, isolating the LKOK kitchen from the surrounding rooms. As a result, when the sealed doors and windows are opened, air flows out of the kitchen, reducing risk of airborne contamination from outside the kitchen. Here at Four Kids, we don’t worry about leaving a door open and heating/cooling the neighborhood! We do it to help maintain the air quality in our kitchen.

“Storage and shipping” contaminants:  We talk with our suppliers about their facilities, processes, storage and shipping.  But like any mom of a child with food allergies – I know they’re not me.  When products arrive – equipment, utensils, or food – they are inspected and cleaned before they enter the dedicated kitchen.  Our goal is to reduce the risk that contaminated packages enter the kitchen.

Used equipment:  Although we love both a bargain and being environmentally friendly is part of vision – reused and repurposed equipment isn’t an option here.  We recognize that used equipment may contain gluten or other allergens that cannot be effectively removed even with washing and cleaning.  So all the equipment is purchased new and dedicated to our kitchen.

Access:  If you could journey into the employee area of the shop you would see a sign on each door to the LKOK Kitchen that reads “Restricted Access”.  This kitchen is restricted to our employees who have received additional training, passed the test, and maintained the rest of the shop to our standards.  If you’re not “Lilly Kate Approved” then the LKOK Kitchen is off limits.