Coffee Philosophy

Our Coffee Philosophy

“Without the love, it’s just coffee” – PT Coffee

At Four Kids, our trained baristas play a critical role in selecting the coffees we serve to make every cup exceptional.  We brew a variety of roasts, keeping our guests in mind with every selection.  Each barista is knowledgeable and trained in the art of coffee extraction; we offer brew methods ranging from traditional drip style to a variety of custom pours executed with precision.  Stop in, pull up a seat at the coffee bar, select a custom cup, and experience the passion.

In order to preserve the quality of the bean, there must be quality in the roast.  A roaster must execute both the science and the art of bringing out the flavor in each harvest.  Because of their evident love of coffee coupled with their dedication to the farmers with whom they work, we partnered with PT’s Coffee – our primary roaster.  PT’s has a reputation of working with some of the best coffee farms in the world and seeking out high quality, single-origin coffee using sustainable practices.  They look beyond profit to a greater vision of mutual success for farmers, roasters, and partner shops.  Their standard of Direct Trade isn’t based solely on a negotiated price, but rather on quality of product and sustainability of relationship.

Warm regards, Catherine and Jason Sackett

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