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Four Kids Coffee, Inc. is committed to being a good corporate citizen. As part of our mission, we strive to impact the lives of those in our community, and have set aside a portion of our budget towards donations and charitable contributions in line with our values as a corporation.

There are many worthy causes. In order to ensure a larger impact, we will focus our giving on fewer organizations.

Our donation process is a monthly cycle, where we have set aside a set amount to give per month, regardless of how many requests received. We review all donation requests at the start of each new month. All donations are made by the 15th of each month following our review.

Our donation review schedule:

  • Donations requested in January: reviewed by February 15.
  • Donations requested in February: reviewed by March 15.
  • Donations requested in March: reviewed by April 15.
  • Donations requested in April: reviewed by May 15.
  • Donations requested in May: reviewed by June 15.
  • Donations requested in June: reviewed by July 15.
  • Donations requested in July: reviewed by August 15.
  • Donations requested in August: reviewed by September 15.
  • Donations requested in September: reviewed by October 15.
  • Donations requested in October: reviewed by November 15.
  • Donations requested in November: reviewed by December 15.
  • Donations requested in December: reviewed by January 15.

We cannot allot for requests in a shorter time span, as per our policy.

All donation requests must submit valid 501(c)3 documentation and a valid mailing address to which the donation will be sent. Four Kids Coffee will not organize any donations to be picked up in-store without prior approval.

Please understand that the more lead time we are given to consider your request, the greater the chance that we can find some way to help you.

All communication regarding donation requests can only be made through our corporate office. Four Kids Coffee locations and employees do not have information to discuss donation requests. To contact our corporate office, please click here.

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